Ebook Conversion

Both Formats Included in the Price

Fiction: $50 base price plus $0.50 per thousand words. Example: a 65,000-word novel at $0.50 per 1,000 words is $32.50. Add the $30 base charge for a total of $62.50. The first five images are free, including cover. It’s $1.00 per image after those first five.

Nonfiction: $100 base price plus $0.50 per thousand words, $1 per image after the first five.

ePub (iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Google Editions, Kobo, Sony) and Mobi (Kindle), the two most popular ebook formats, at one low price*.

  • ePub, the ebook format used by Adobe Digital Editions, Apple iBookstore (iPad, iPhone, and iPod), Barnes & Noble, Google Editions, Sony, Borders Books, Kobo, and just about everyone else except Amazon.com, including public libraries through OverDrive. The ePub ebooks I produce pass the stringent EpubCheck validation required for submission to Apple, among others, and are adjusted to conform to Apple’s most recent restrictions on ePub formatting.
  • Mobi (Mobipocket), the format owned by Amazon.com and used by the Kindle, which has about 70% of the ebook market. It can be submitted as-is for listing in the Kindle Store (the slight alteration to Kindle AZW format is done by Amazon.com). DRM-free Mobi can read by the Kindle as well as some other e-reader devices. A must-have format for authors offering ebooks from their website. If offered along with ePub, 90% or more of the ebook market is covered.

What’s Included

  • Conventional formatting that looks like a book, not a web page. For example: typographer quotes (curly) rather than straight; em or en dashes, not hyphens; proper first-line indentation and paragraph spacing.
  • A table of contents page with working links to your chapters.
  • Standard menu navigation entries. When a reader chooses the beginning of the ebook from the menu it will go to the start of the text, not to the title, credits, or cover page.
  • Typical turnaround time of two business days or less.
  • Consultation before and after the ebook is created. I want to help you make it the best it can be.

How it Works

  1. Send your final, completely edited and proofread manuscript as an attachment to TDRisk (@) Outlook.com. Include a front cover image, which should be at least 800×1200 and preferably 300dpi. Up-sizing from a smaller image results in lower quality. An MS Word document is preferred but I can handle most major formats if they can be cleanly converted to Word, including PDFs. Please ensure that italics and bolds are applied styles, not fonts. Also make sure scene breaks are marked clearly, e.g. with two paragraph breaks or a *** between paragraphs (preferred).
  2. I create the ePub and Mobi ebook files and send them back to you for review and possible adjustments.
  3. When you’re satisfied with the result you may either send the payment from your PayPal account to TedRisk•at•outlook.com or I can have PayPal send you an email billing invoice that offers methods of payment that do not require a PayPal account (such as credit card).
  4. Make your ebook available to readers at the major online stores or even your own website. Options include: Amazon.com’s DTP for the Mobi format ebook; Apple iBooks, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and Google Editions for the ePub format ebook.
* The Fine Print

This offer is for individual writers seeking to convert works of fiction for which they have the publication rights, not for publishers. I may decline a manuscript at this price if it has many images, charts, graphs, or if it’s otherwise more involved and complex than a typical novel.

I do not prepare Word .doc files for SmashWords or any other automated conversion service.