Ted Risk at Dellaster Design is a formatting master. He brings unrivaled technical know-how and speed to his projects, and he’s flexible about making changes. His prices are reasonable, and he offers helpful answers to questions about the new self-publishing frontier. I worked with Ted on my first indie novel, and it was a smooth and rewarding experience. I recommend him to any author who wants to release a professionally formatted ebook that you’ll be proud of.

Susan Dormady Eisenberg
Author of The Voice I Just Heard

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“Honestly, Ted, I’ve tried using those online converters, but nothing beats the human touch and your service is impeccable—worth every penny.”

Jeff Bennington
Author of Reunion

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I’ve worked with Ted Risk on two projects and I can’t say enough about him. Every time I receive my files back, I think how beautiful he made my books look. All too often, I find a lot of formatting issues with ebooks. As an indie author, I can’t afford to have readers turned-off by poor formatting…so I go to Ted. He is a dream to work with and I know I’m presenting my best when I click the upload button. It’s not enough to have a well written book. To show readers you have ensured it’s presented in the best possible light, shows you care about your book and its readers. This is why I’ll continue to work with Ted on all my future projects.

Claudia Lefeve
Author of  Parallel

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Ted Risk of Dellaster Designer is plugged in to the potential for e-books and understands the reader deserves the best possible experience. Where art meets technology, Dellaster Design is the road to the future.

Scott Nicholson
Author of Kindle Bestseller Disintegration

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Ted is exactly what an indie author needs; he does an outstanding job, he doesn’t overcharge and he does it very fast. Plus, he allows the author time to check through and make sure we are completely happy before he charges. Rare and wonderful qualities these days.

Susanne O’Leary
Author of A Woman’s Place

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Writing a book is what authors do. Making the book available in a format enjoyable to the public is a separate project, requiring many hours of work and technical expertise. While most of us, indie Authors, persevere and toil away at this task, I contacted Ted Risk at Dellaster Design when I came up against a wall. I simply did not have the technical expertise or the time to conquer it myself. Ted is a treasure. He worked tirelessly with me to format my novel so it was ready for iBooks upload. He is an absolute pleasure to work with. I recommend him highly.

Imogen Rose
Author of Portal and Equilibrium

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I inquired to have my books formatted by Ted Risk by word of mouth, and I was impressed by his job. He efficiently prepared my documents for ePub, Mobi, and even smashwords so that I would have my foot in the door for various online ebook sites. I am now able to upload to kindle, nook, ipad, sony, mobipocket and more! He finished the work very quickly, and his price was affordable. I will definitely use his services in the future and recommend him to others!

Ami Blackwelder
Author of The Hunted of 2060

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Ted at Dellaster Design was recommended to me by a fellow indie author and friend. I was extremely pleased with the look of my ebook, plus Ted added chapter links, the copyright page, and my book cover. It is so professional looking now! And it is, because Ted is an experienced professional. As an additional bonus, he was fast. I have been telling other authors about Ted and Dellaster Design every time I get the chance. Plus, his fee for all this work was very, very reasonable. I just can’t say enough about the quality of Ted’s work. You will be pleased.

Nancy C. Johnson
Author of Her Last Letter and Twice Cursed

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Dellaster Design did an excellent job of creating ePub format ebooks for my three novels to meet the stringent requirements for distribution through online booksellers. My first two novels were published by a mainstream traditional publisher but when they went out of print I decided to publish new digital and print editions of my backlist and a new novel under my own imprint, Tyger Books. Independent publishing involves taking responsibility for all aspects of the business, from preparing digital and print files for publication to the design of the book covers and marketing of the books – and I didn’t find any of these tasks particularly easy. However, the only task I really stumbled with was converting my source documents into ePub format. Though the ebooks looked fine to me on the ereader on my computer, they didn’t pass the ePub validation tool used by most reputable online distributors. Try as I might, I couldn’t fix the problem, though I researched the process and spent many hours with the files. Fortunately a fellow author recommended Dellaster Design. Ted Risk took on the job of creating the ePub format ebooks for me, going through the laborious process of correcting errors I had made in preparing the files, resizing images embedded in the text, and so on. The turnaround time was very fast and Ted was a pleasure to deal with. I would have no hesitation in recommending Dellaster Design.

Helen Smith
Author of Alison Wonderland, Being Light, and The Miracle Inspector